BMI-KCO FlexEze® Knee Corrective Orthosis

BMI-KCO FlexEze® Knee Corrective Orthosis

This product is reimbursable by Medicare B and some Medicare HMOs. Please Call us at (800) 603-3737 to order.

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This prefabricated brace is designed to treat and correct knee flexion contractures, and for weight bearing and gait training. It is designed to allow for THREE treatment options.

• Option 1: Has a dynamic bolster (FlexEze®) that will impede flexion for the more severe or neurological contractures. It is designed for a low load prolonged stretch.

• Option 2: Is a soft splinting method that uses a bolster of beads that is lightweight but keeps the knee from flexing on moderate contractures and it may be worn in bed. This option is available by request only.

• Option 3: The goniometer hinges can bet set for flexion and extension control. A knee cap is included to provide for rotational control and three-point counter pressure. The goniometers and knee cap are included with either Option 1 or Option 2.

Great for night time use!
The soft or dynamic bolster can be used with or without the metal goniometer.
Mesh laundry bag included.


petite,small, medium, large,x-large,xx-large

Size Thigh Calf Left Right
Petite  10.5” – 12.5” 7.5” –  9.5” KCO-PL KCO-PR
Small  13” – 15.5” 10” –  11.5” KCO-SL KCO-SR
Medium 16” – 18” 12” – 13.5” KCO-ML KCO-MR
Large 18.5” – 20.5” 14” – 15.5” KCO-LL KCO-LR
X-Large 21” – 22.5” 16” – 17.5” KCO-XL KCO-XR
XX-Large 23” – 24.5”  18” – 19.5” KCO-XXL