About Us

The Better Way to Care, Heal, and Recovery.

Clinicare Medical Resources was founded in January 1996 and is based in Tampa, Florida. Clinicare Medical is a provider of medical equipment and services for home health care and long term care patient needs. 

Clinicare is licensed and has licensed consultants to provide the highest quality medical equipment, supplies and services. Clinicare is dedicated to providing responsive, timely customer service to our clients that require attention in their homes or in skilled nursing facilities. We assure caregivers and healthcare professionals that the ones they care for are getting the most appropriate equipment and that all insurance paperwork is done correctly, within the privacy guidelines so that there is a peace of mind concerning the use of their insurance benefits.

When a family has a need for medical equipment at home or a loved one is getting rehabilitation services in a nursing home, they do not need to worry about receiving the appropriate equipment. Clinicare has worked with family members, nursing, and physical and occupational therapists for the past 20 years, providing rehabilitation and restorative equipment.

Clinicare Medical has specialized in the area of geriatric contracture and stroke rehabilitation by offering to caregivers numerous options of prefabricated orthotics. We strongly adhere to the standard that product choice belongs to the patient and caregiver and patient specific measurements are necessary for fitting and compliance.

We follow up with our clients to make sure the equipment is appropriate so that valuable insurance benefits are not wasted and we at Clinicare can know we have served our clients effectively.