BMI FlexEze® Contracture Elbow

BMI FlexEze® Contracture Elbow

This product is reimbursable by Medicare B and some Medicare HMOs. Please Call us at (800) 603-3737 to order.

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This is a prefabricated brace designed to treat mild, moderate, and severe elbow contractures.

Unique patent pending design; can be applied from the lateral side.
Dynamic properties present a low load prolonged stretch.
Lateral static hinge that can be set for flexion and extension control.
Elbow cap for 3 point pressure to correct contractures.
Mesh laundry bag included.


S, M, L

Size Bicep
Small  8” – 10” 7” –  9”
Regular 11” – 13”  9” –  11”
Large 13” – 15” 10” –  13”