Miami J Cervical Collar

Miami J Cervical Collar


This product is reimbursable by Medicare B and some Medicare HMOs. Please Call us at (800) 603-3737 to order.

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Demonstrated by multiple studies to be the superior immobilizer on the market. The patented Miami J Collar features a phenotype-driven sizing system that simplifies size selection, with 6 unique front and back components that are engineered to work optimally together for various anatomies.

Indications for Use:
C-Spine precaution for trauma patients
Immobilization for pre and post c-spine surgery
Degenerative disorders
Spinal Stenosis

Miami J Cervical Collar Sizing CHART

Ergonomic fit, accommodates wide range of patient phenotypes.
Two-piece clam shell design, symmetrical application and overlapping lateral support, permit back/front size interchange. Simplified sizing of hard-to-fit patients.
6 adult sizes: 3 standard and 3 specialty.
Enhanced pressure distribution.
Longer retaining strap fits over dressings.
Wide rear vent for better access and visualization of anterior and posterior neck and trachea.
X-ray, CT and MRI compatible.
Optimum c-spine visualization.
All hypoallergenic materials, Latex free.