BMI Short Opponens

BMI Short Opponens

This product is reimbursable by Medicare B and some Medicare HMOs. Please Call us at (800) 603-3737 to order.

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The BMI Short Opponens is used for the treatment of severe finger contracture and to prevent skin breakdown of the palm. The easy VELCRO® attachment of the soft straps are secure around the wrist. There are THREE short opponens options.

Air bladder for pressure relief (A)
Soft styrene beads for pressure relief (B)
Hard for spasticity (C)




(A) Air Blader, (B) Soft Beads, (C)Firm

(A) Air Bladder  (B) Soft Beads  (C) Firm
 HSA – U  HSO – U HSO – Firm-U