BMI Resting Hand TA

BMI Resting Hand TA

This product is reimbursable by Medicare B and some Medicare HMOs. Please Call us at (800) 603-3737 to order.

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All the same features as the Resting Hand but with a contoured trough for treating thumb adduction. Available in both Cross Over or Keyhole straps. Mesh laundry bag included.


Petite, Regular,


left, right

BMI Resting Hand TA / Cross Over Strap, BMI Resting Hand TA / Keyhole Strap

Size Palm Width
 Left Right
Petite Up to 3″ HTA-PL  HTA-PR
Regular 3″- 4″ HTA-RL  HTA-RR
Large 4″ Plus HTA-LL  HTA-LR